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Next Up For Ice Cube Is A Christmas Movie -- Yes, Really

He's coming straight outta Dickens.

The ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future are coming out to play again -- this time, targeting Ice Cube as that miserly Ebenezer Scrooge in Universal Pictures' "Humbug."

As Deadline reports, Ice Cube will star as the cruel penny-pinching real estate mogul from Charles Dickens' timeless holiday classic -- with a modern-day twist, of course.

The pic'll be directed by Tim Story, who worked with Cube on "Ride Along" and "Ride Along 2" -- but no word yet on who'll fill out the cast as Tiny Tim, the late Jacob Marley or the spirit trio.

This is good news because (a) he's perfect for this part because he can be the nicest guy on the screen blessing us everyone or become an absolute screaming loon, both of which are necessities for Mr. Scrooge; (b) it's been a while since "A Christmas Carol" was properly revived; and (c) more Ice Cube movies, yay!

Cube's stepping into some big shoes, though, we have to admit.

Because Bill Murray was on top of his game when he became the meta Scrooge for that awesome '80s adaptation.

Meanwhile, Scrooge McDuck is as iconic as they come.

And who didn't enjoy Michael Caine in "The Muppets Christmas Carol"?

Jim Carrey -- well, he did what he could within the live-action animation confines. Probably one of his more subtle performances to-date, actually.

We can't wait to see what crotchetiness Ice Cube brings to the character next.

"Humbug" is expected to fetch a 2017 release.