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Yes! 'Fuller House' Will Have The Old Catchphrases - Here Are The Ones We Wanna Hear

Netflix said 'You got it, dude!' to our 'Full House' motto prayers.

It's official: Stephanie Tanner's constant courtesy critiques will be brought to TV life once again in "Fuller House."

While Candace Cameron Bure had already assured us some of our favorite "Full House" phrases would make way to the Michelle-less reincarnation of the show, now we've got at least one quote placed squarely in the sure-thing column.

Yep, per Jodie Sweetin's new chat with ET Online, Steph's "the same" and has "still got her jabbing wit" on tap, even as a full-fledged grown up (who, womp womp, has to move in with her big sister). So, yes, she will indeed say "How rude!" again.

"Fans will not be disappointed," said Sweetin. "Stephanie has not lost her catchphrase."

How polite!

But Steph's saying wasn't the only one that stuck and thus became a must-have revival for the new 13-episode Netflix series. There are still plenty of others on our wish list, so we hope the show will have mercy on us and make 'em all happen again.

  1. "How rude."

    We already know this one's coming back, but the list wouldn't be complete without a GIF of Steph's constant courtesy criticisms.

  2. "You got it dude."

    Michelle might not be coming back for the new round of house capacity-maxing, but perhaps this memorable little piece of her can.

  3. "The hair!!!"

    It's his precious.

  4. "Is it made of... wood?"

    Uncle Joey's trusty sidekick has to at least make an over-the-shoulder cameo at some point in the new series.

  5. "That's not funny."

    Well, it is when you're THIS adorable. Maybe one of DJ's kids can adopt this one.

  6. "Pin a rose on your nose."

    Another Steph slam that should definitely resurface.

  7. "Cut. It. Out."


  8. "Oh, Mylanta!"

    It wouldn't even be the same show without this inadvertent advert phrase.

  9. "Whoa baby!"

    Deej and Gibbler can handle this one for us.

  10. "Aw, nuts."

    The Olsen Twins pretty much have to sign on for a guest stint if for no other reason than to bring back these two words.

  11. "Have mercy."

    Uncle Jesse just has to utter this infamous expression at some point. And we have no doubt he will.

  12. "Wake up, San Francisco."

    The four words that made Danny Tanner famous and wealthy enough to afford all those freeloaders familial occupants should probably make it into the script, too.

  13. "No way, Jose."

    Another Michelle-ism; another pair of crossed fingers.

  14. "You gotta be kidding."

    One of the other Tanner girls could play with this one, but, again, it'd be best coming from the littlest one.