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See Justin Bieber’s Small-Town Escapades In This Intimate ‘Lake Life’ Vid

JB wakeboards, eats pizza, plays soccer and holds a baby — aww!

Justin Bieber’s long-awaited “comeback” of sorts has been a whirlwind so far. Between the chart-topping success of his new single “What Do You Mean” and his high-flying and rain-soaked TV performances, he’s been proving to fans all over the world that the Biebs is officially back in business.

But what we haven’t really seen is how Justin — the person, not the pop star — is doing when no one’s watching. The video for his acoustic rendition of "WDYM" was a good place to start, giving us cute behind-the-scenes glimpses of his hectic promotional tour. Now, we have even more private JB footage to fawn over.

On Thursday (Sept. 17), Justin released a video that gives us an intimate look at his life away from the spotlight and the stage. And what we see is a refreshingly normal portrait of your average 21-year-old dude who likes to hang with his friends, do daredevil-like activities outside and nom on some pizza.

The 45-second clip — entitled “Lake Life” — is short but packed with gems of Justin enjoying small-town life in Angola, Indiana (the same place where he casually crashed a band’s set at a bar one night) with his bud Rory Kramer, the visionary behind the vid. As “What Do You Mean” plays in the background, we see Justin doing flips into the water, showing off his soccer skills, napping in a hammock, doing card tricks, and cruising in a convertible while eating some ‘za. All those things aren’t super revolutionary in and of themselves, but it ultimately gives Beliebers the chance to see Justin looking simply and supremely happy.

He captioned the vid’s description, “Small town living is the best. Thanks Rory,” and added another sweet sentiment on Twitter by reminding us, “Make every day you wake up the best day ever.”

Soo... do these behind-the-scenes video diaries mean we can hold out hope for a full-length documentary?! "Never say never."