'Doctor Who' Stars Finally Explain Why All Their Monsters Talk At The Same Time


Throughout the long, storied history of "Doctor Who," The Doctor (Peter Capaldi) and his companions -- including current co-star Jenna Coleman -- have traveled time, space, and had hundreds of adventures. But one thing has remained constant: if there's a villainous monster, chances are there's also dozens more like him (or her), who all talk and move exactly the same.

It's something this viewer has noticed multiple times on the show, and often wondered what it was about repetition and sameness that struck the "Who" creators as the scariest thing that could be encountered. So when MTV News sat down with Capaldi and Coleman -- who, it should be noted, were dressed in matching TARDIS blue outfits -- we had to ask: what's up with the repeat offenders?

"It reveals a sort of relentless emotionless quality," Capaldi explained thoughtfully. "Human beings get quite distressed when they're presented with an impenetrable wall of aggression... Which is what a lot of the monsters do!"

Which is true: from the robotic Cybermen, to the vile anger of the Daleks repeatedly yelling, "Exterminate!" the show is fond of villains that only have one emotional mode. Capaldi also noted that it was the voice, for him, that made the monsters the most terrifying, though not on set.


"Usually the sound is put on afterwards, so the evil voice is added by a voice artist six months after the event," Capaldi continued. "But yeah, it's a kind of dehumanizing quality that's quite scary."

For Coleman, it's less about the vocal qualities, than the slow march forward in tandem that creeps her out.

"I find it quite scary when they come at you slowly," Coleman said. "That's the bit that freaks me out. There's a cool confidence in the bit that they're going to destroy you... Very slowly."

On the new season -- which starts this Saturday, September 19 on BBC America -- it seems like things will be varying up a bit, while still throwing in a few of those classic same-os. Capaldi, in particular, was fascinated by the visual differences between the old monsters, which he described as "men in latex suits being very frightening and lumbering towards you;" and the newer creatures, who Capaldi called "creatures from the id."

"There are creatures from the Doctor's subconscious, and creatures that can barely be grasped," Capaldi said. "And they're amazing because when you see them on the set, they don't always look impressive in the flesh. But when you see them on camera, they're absolutely terrifying."

That said, "Doctor Who" won't totally ditch the old school baddies... Though they will be giving them a 2015 twist. "They've been pushing the envelope with the monsters..." Capaldi added. "Being quite traditional, and also really strange, and odd."

Hey, as long as some of those odd are Ood, we're all good.