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Jake Gyllenhaal Got Revenge On Amy Schumer In The Most Delicious Way

This takes the cake!

They say revenge is a dish best served cold, but Jake Gyllenhaal just brought some fiyah when he got back at Amy Schumer for stealing his frozen birthday cake leftovers.

You remember it, right? That video of the "Trainwreck" star drunkenly nomming on the sweet (albeit probably old and crusty) treat Jake G left in his apartment?

If not, well, here's the icing scoop: Amy and her sister needed a place to crash in L.A. for a few months, and while he was off doing actor things on location, Jake happened to have an apartment available for rent. So, Amy rented it out and was all too happy to find that her midnight munchies needs were already taken care of by her benevolent lessor, who'd abandoned his celebratory cake in the freezer. Amy's sis saw an opportunity and recorded the moment for all the world to see, and the rest is "Late Show" history.

So, naturally, when Jake made way to Stephen Colbert's new digs to promote "Everest," the subject of Cakegate 2015 came up -- with an edible prop, no less.

Needless to say, Jake was all too willing to oblige the chance at sweet retaliation against the "Princess" herself. Just watch.

Your move, Schumer.