Disney / Claire Hummel

A Historically Accurate Elsa Has -- Dare We Say It -- An Even Prettier Dress

Plus: Cinderella, Ariel and more.

Have you noticed that while every Disney princess has grace, strength and style, their dresses aren't exactly the most realistic to the time periods they inhabit?

Claire Hummel is production designer for TV and video games by day and Disney fashion historian in her spare time. With her extensive skill and knowledge of fashion, she's created a historically accurate version of Elsa's coronation gown and tweaked it a bit to look like her ice gown as well.

Take a look at Elsa's gorgeous Scandinavian dress below.

"I'm researching a lot of these [dresses] simultaneously, so these are now the result of research spread out over the course of months, or even years," Hummel wrote on her DeviantArt page. "It's a lot easier if I'm familiar with the time period -- Cinderella and Ariel were proverbial walks in the park -- but sometimes it's a solid week of reading books, looking up inspiration, doing studies."

Hummel has been hard at work for a couple of years creating other historically accurate Disney dresses for Cinderella, Ariel and more. See them below.

For more of Claire Hummel's artwork, check out her DeviantArt page or her Tumblr.