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This Photo Of Harry Styles Wearing A Beret Will Brighten Your Day

Harry Styles' affinity for wearing things on his head is well-documented. There are long periods of beanies, then headbands, and, most recently, hats that would make the Quaker Oats Man proud. But there's a new look on the Harry Styles block: a beret. Très chic, non?

Twitter user Chriistta met Harry yesterday and, um, he was sporting this jaunty look on his head.

After recovering from the shock that is seeing Harry Styles in a beret—I figure the more I type it the realer it will become?—Directioners decided to add a li'l something to his look to up its French-ness. Thus, the above rendering.

It turns out, though, we should've seen this new look coming—in the Q&A section of One Direction's 2016 Annual, Harry shares his fondness for the felt chapeau. When asked about his favorite fashion trend, he responds, "Oooooh, I do love a beret." I would like video—or at least audio—of this, please.

With that in mind, I will no longer gasp when I see Harry Styles, beret-wearer. Maybe throwing a red one into the mix would spice things up, H? I'm ready for it.