Here's How Echosmith's Sydney Sierota Tricked Jimmy Fallon Into Taking A Selfie With Her

We also get their tips for the perfect selfie.

Who are the cool kids of social media? Echosmith, of course.

On Wednesday (Sept. 16), Sydney, Noah, and Graham Sierota took a break from their current tour with Twenty One Pilots to play some 30-second song clips requested by fans using the hashtag #WhyNotWednesday, and we were on the set.

Scroll through Echosmith's Twitter and Instagram feeds, and you'll see that they're super interactive with their fans. But they also like to snap some insane selfies with people like Hillary Clinton, Elton John, and Taylor Swift -- NBD.

"Jimmy Fallon is definitely been the best celebrity I’ve taken selfies with. I’ve done it twice now, because we have been on his show twice, which is amazing -- we’re huge fans," Sydney told MTV News. "We were about to go live to perform and he’s standing over in the corner and I was like, 'Jimmy, come here really quick. It’s an emergency!' and he’s like, 'Yeah, yeah, what’s up?' and I’m like, 'We really need to get a selfie together. I’m 17. I’m a girl. We just need to do it, it’s really important.' And he was like, 'Yes, of course!' And then we took a selfie and then I performed right after and all was well."

Sydney's tip for getting an on-point selfie?

"You’ve got to decide to make it a funny thing because it is sometimes awkward when you’re like, “'Hey, can we get a picture?' Kind of just having fun with it is the key."

Even though the "Let's Love" siblings are good at social media now, doesn't mean that they struggled a bit in the past.

"Our first phones were Razrs," Noah said, reminiscing about the notoriously ancient flip phones. "Sydney had the hot pink one and I had the charcoal gray one."

"There was that little world symbol [on the flip phone screen] and that was the internet and I remember if I accidentally touched it I was like, 'Oh my gosh it’s going to charge me a million dollars!'" Sydney said. "But here we are now, always on the internet on our phones. Isn’t that so weird? I used to freak out over that."

When they're not scrolling through their tagged photos on Insta (which they do often -- Sydney dished that her phone is full of screenshots), they love going on the editing app VSCO Cam.

"I also have an app on my phone that’s called, Is It Dark Outside? If you’re ever wondering if it’s dark outside but you don’t want to go outside, you go on the app, and it tells you, 'Is it dark outside? No.'"

Thanks, Noah. Downloading that hilarious app immediately.

As for their fav emojis? Sydney likes the cactus, Noah fancies the poop, and Graham digs the regular, closed mouth smiley.