Neil Patrick Harris Doing Pogo Stick Tricks Really Is The Best Time Ever

The first episode of NPH's variety show saved its best for last.

Last night (Sept. 15) marked the awesome premiere of Neil Patrick Harris' new variety show, "Best Time Ever": a fabulous hour full of stunts, pranks, and celebrity cameos (for which NPH may or may not owe Reese Witherspoon an apology. She looked pretty peeved.)

And while it might not have been the best time ever (sorry, still reserving that superlative for the time we ate an entire carrot cake in a hot tub in a Vegas hotel room), it was still pretty magical -- especially when it came to the amazing spectacle known as the End of the Show Show.

Mixed drink juggling, sleight of hand, a miniature Neil Patrick Harris dancing on a bar, and the actual Neil Patrick Harris actually back-flipping off of a pogo stick: it's all here in the grand finale.

In a moment where the average TV viewer has the attention span of a housefly, this is one way to make sure people stay tuned in all the way to the end. Who knows what (or whom?!) NPH might flip off next week!