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Need Proof That Joe Budden Is An Eminem Stan? Check Out 'Slaughtermouse'

And was Joe Budden really dissing Eminem?

Joe Budden is signed to Eminem's Shady Records as a member of Slaughterhouse, but the rapper will release his solo album All Love Lost independently through E One on Oct. 16.

While Em might not be overseeing this project, he's still involved in at least one important way -- there's a track dedicated to him on this LP, and Genius is premiering all of the lyrics a month early.

"It's my 'Stan,'" Joe Budden told Genius of "Slaughtermouse." "It's my 'Stan' record."

The song is an open letter to Em, who's been influential to Budden in various ways since before the two ever met. "[Eminem's] 'Rock Bottom' helped me immensely," Budden said in the interview.

"I can’t explain what that record did...Who was this man putting these words together this way, going through this, feeling like this? That's how I feel. I just can't rap this good."

Em didn't just help Joey during his early years. In 2013, Budden told MTV's RapFix that Eminem also helped him with his sobriety. In "Slaughtermouse," Budden goes into this as well, touching on the similarities the two MCs share.

Perhaps that's why Joe Beezy was surprised when some fans thought he was dissing Em when a snippet of the track leaked earlier this year. Why did listeners think he was taking shots at Shady?

Budden actually has wondered the same thing. "If anything, it sounded like a compliment to me," Budden said. "I don’t know how that got interpreted as a dis."

Get ready for more Budden. All Love Lost is coming soon and Slaughterhouse's Glass House LP is reportedly slated to be released next year. Read the annotated lyrics for "Slaughtermouse" here.