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Watch Joe Jonas And His DNCE Band Mates' Most WTF Videos So Far


Joe Jonas is clearly just having the best time ever right now with the launch of his eclectic new groove band DNCE, and they've already got the weirdest video collection ever rolled out to prove it.

The "Cake By the Ocean" squad is apparently all about repping togetherness like we've never seen before with their cray little hangout sessions, and these clips really starting to sell us on that whole "new favorite band" thing they've been going on about.

  • Like this one where they explain what the name DNCE means ... well, sort of.

    Ha. Psssssych. Unless you happen to speak Korean, of course -- which, kudos to you if you do because multi-lingual skills are very useful in general -- this is probably pretty hilariously incomprehensible to you too.

  • And this one where they're just going all-out with the good times.

    ‎We don't even know what's happening here, really, but we're into it.

  • Here's where they're all just so into that we can't help but smile.

    Joe looks so happy he could try. Actually, he might've been wiping away a tear right at the end there.

  • Plus, they've got a way with flipbook fun.

    That's a seriously good looking pack of humans.

  • And here, where they were just vibin' ... upside-down.


DNCE, keep right on weirding away. It suits you.