Hot Topic Is Getting In On The 'American Horror Story' Goth Style Game

Now we can all be Little Monsters.

Halloween is just around the corner, and if you were hoping to suit up with a pair of bloody gloves and wax "American Horror Story" for All Hallows Eve -- or even just because, no judgment here -- you're in luck.

Hot Topic will be rolling out an "AHS: Hotel"-inspired fashion collection just in time for the season of wicked costumery ... and the new season of course.

The retail chain announced its limited-time offering via Instagram on Tuesday (Sept. 15) with this preview pic, featuring a young woman with a blood-stained glove and a mod bellhop top which is a gothy homage to the creeptastic setting of new season.

We fully expect that the collection will include some of Lady Gaga's goth-on-fleek Countess stylings and some of those "Children of the Corn"-esque kids threads, but we'll have to wait and see when the line drops at select Hot Topic locations and online on Sept. 28.