These Sexy Emojis Have A Surprisingly Wonderful Purpose

These emojis let you virtually slip into something a little sexier…and empowering

By Alina Bradford

Have you ever tried to flirt with a guy through a text, only to realize that the standard emojis are, well, lame. Kinda hard to get in the mood with an emoji of an eggplant. There’s got to be a better way, right?

That’s exactly what Amy Galland thought. "When flirting with a guy on my phone," Galland told MTV News, "I was so disappointed that the options for ‘flirty’ emojis were not empowering to women that I drew on my background in art history and women’s studies and created an app with images that are sexy and empowering for people of different races, sizes, ages and sexual orientations."

Galland is now the founder and CEO of flirtyQWERTY, a keyboard app that can be used in conjunction with any messaging app to send sexy, “empowering” emojis.

What qualifies as sexy and empowering? The flirtyQWERTY sampling of emojis range from whips, lacy undergarments and handcuffs to totally unsexy stuff like a spinning wheel. A spinning wheel? Hmm, maybe that’s a fetish we just haven’t heard of yet...


The app does include a variety of skin colors, sizes, ages, sexualities, hair colors and emojis that range from wild to mild, so that does give it a leg up in the empowering department. The company also gives a percentage of profits to organizations that provide education to women and girls and help fight for legal equality based on sexual orientation and gender identity.


“My mission is to reduce body shaming and sexual violence by normalizing respectful sensual images. Body shaming, women in video games, and opportunities for women both in tech and the media are hot topics and the conversations about them continue to get more and more support,” said Galland.

When opting for this sexier emoji app, don’t be afraid that you will be giving up your cuter, cuddlier emojis. flirtyQWERTY offers plenty of animal, food and other PG emojis you can send to your mom. And if you’re afraid your mom will grab your phone and see your dirty emojis, you can use all of flirtyQWERTY images from the password-protected app.

The only real let down is that the sexier images are only available for purchase within the app. So if you want really sexy, you need to pay extra.


Overall, flirtyQWERTY is a refreshing change to yellow-faced emojis and creating naughty images from zeros and dashes. "I wanted to create emojis where women have agency in their intimate relationships,” Galland said. “It is my hope that as people use flirtyQWERTY images, they will be a counterexample to much of what we see in advertising and the media by showing a variety of women as beautiful, sexy, adored and in control of what happens to our bodies."


flirtyQWERTY is currently available to download for free on the Apple App Store.