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11 Ed Sheeran Instagrams That Reveal What A World Tour Really Looks Like

And it's not what you think it is.

Believe it or not, Ed Sheeran's x Tour began all the way back on Aug. 6, 2014 -- exactly 405 days ago -- and is still going strong. Ed performed in Nashville on Sunday night (and made a new canine friend) and is slotted for a gig in Saint Paul, Minnesota, on Tuesday evening (Sept. 15).

In total, the tour (which supports his second album, x, released in June 2014) has spanned nearly 40 countries, five continents and stadiums and arenas of all shapes and sizes -- including a three-night stint at London's Wembley Stadium this past July.

It's a world tour in every way. And Ed has done a lot to document that.

That's a photo Ed snapped at Nashville's Bridgestone Arena. Cool, right? Here's one from Tampa, just a few days before.

And here's another from Atlanta, which Ed hit in between the above two.

Starting to see a pattern? From up onstage (and Ed is the only one onstage during his shows, it's worth mentioning), these views are really all kind of the same. The differences come in the decor of the arenas and who's actually in the crowd that night.

There's more where that came from.

  1. Miami, 9/9/15
  2. Houston, 9/3/15
  3. Dublin, 7/24/15
  4. London, 7/11/2015
  5. Milwaukee, 7/3/15
  6. San Diego, 6/23/15
  7. Montreal, 6/2/2015
  8. Rio de Janeiro, 4/30/15
  9. Buenos Aires, 4/25/15
  10. Perth, 4/5/15
  11. Manila, 3/12/15 get the idea. Ed's nights represent how the world, when viewed from different stages in different cities, can seem kind of similar. But photos don't capture the air, the energy, the noise. They can't relay the feelings that bubble up when you get to tour the globe and play music you wrote and have thousands of people sing it back you. It must be truly amazing.

And in between those moments, there's ketchup-flavored chips. And watching old "Simpsons" episodes in hotel rooms.

Ed has it made, at least until December when the tour wraps up. Enjoy it while you've got it.