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Arnold Schwarzenegger Is The New 'Celebrity Apprentice' Host, And Now He Has To Hire Everyone From His Movies

Assemble this cast if you want to live.

Donald Trump and "The Celebrity Apprentice" officially parted ways one month ago, when NBC confirmed that the presidential hopeful would not be back for the show's next season. Instead, someone else will be back: Arnold Schwarzenegger will be kicking down the door and firing people left and right as the new "Celebrity Apprentice" host.

Place your bets now on the new "YOU'RE FIRED" catchphrase. Easy money lands on "YOU'RE TERMINATED" or "HASTA LA VISTA." I really don't know — I have never watched the show before, but you can bet I'm about to start with Schwarzenegger at the helm — and none of us will know until the Arnold-led "Apprentice" premieres next fall. We have a long way to go.

And since we have a long way to go, there's no better time than right now to let NBC know that the only way this works is if the entire "Celebrity Apprentice" cast consists of Schwarzenegger collaborators. Seriously, it is the epitome of a dream cast:

  1. Linda Hamilton

    Bring her onto "The Celebrity Apprentice" if you want to live.

  2. Charles Dance

    Tywin Lannister versus the famous comedian Arnold Braunschveiger, round two.

  3. Jake Lloyd

    The only thing he needs more than Turbo Man is some "Phantom Menace" redemption.

  4. Turbo Man

    Anyone in the suit will do.

  5. Jamie Lee Curtis

    Bonus if she brings Bill Paxton.

  6. Danny DeVito

    Give the leftover crap another chance.

  7. Sharon Stone

    "Consider this a divorce" will be the new "YOU'RE FIRED."

  8. Emilia Clarke


  9. Kristanna Loken

    T-Xellent casting, and an even better pun!

  10. Robert Patrick

    He is T-1000% needed and okay I'll show myself out soon, just another minute

  11. Brigitte Nielsen

    The Red Sonja reunion we need, not the one we deserve.

  12. James Cameron

    Like he needs another excuse to postpone "Avatar 2."

  13. Tom Arnold

    Can't live with him, can't kill him.

  14. Danny Cooksey

    FINE, Edward Furlong can come along too, but only if we score Budnick.

  15. Carl Weathers

    Dillon! You son of a —

  16. Honestly Just Bring In Everyone From "Predator"

    I need your clothes, your boots, and your governors. Give them to me. NOW.

Hi, so, okay. This would be the best season of any television show in the history of television. Make it so, NBC.