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7 Reasons Jennifer Lawrence Is Already Prepped To Go Full Russian Spy For 'Red Sparrow'

J.Law might team with her "Hunger Games" director for the next pic, and she's already more than ready for it.

Though they share a last name, Jennifer Lawrence and her "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2" director Francis Lawrence aren't related -- that we know of. But like cousins nomming on some Thanksgiving turkey, the two sure do seem to be scheduling a lot of reunions lately.

First, there was "The Dive," a pic about a true love story between a pair of ambitious international divers -- and now, per Deadline, there's this possible re-team project for the two: "Red Sparrow," a book-to-screen spy thriller which would align her as a Russian femme fatale agent who ordinarily feasts on the hearts of American CIA ops -- but then one mission finds her a bit heartstring entangled herself and going full-on double-agent as a result.

And the role is essentially perfect for Jen because it pieces together a lot of the skills she's gained over the course of her film career so far.

  1. For example, she has gotten a major lesson on how to decipher the loyalties of the squad.

    While she wasn't the most astute judge of character in "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" -- because seriously, Plutarch Heavensbee was practically beating her over the head with his tick-tock clues about his allegiance (or lack thereof), at least in the book -- she still got a crash course in double agency that should come quite in handy for this new role.

  2. She's already had a case of star-crossed lover syndrome before.

    If Katniss learned anything about herself in the arena(s), it's that beneath all her ultra-thick layers of tough meat, she also has a sensitive bone or two and definitely a heart. After all, she fell for Peeta Mellark -- her actual enemy, where the Games were concerned -- and eventually jeopardized her own life for the sake of his. So, we know she can definitely pull off falling in love-slash-maybe-just-lust with, oops, one of the CIA's ops in this next flick.

  3. Speaking of which, she's also got the whole sultry seductress thing sorted out.
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    Between her "X-Men" skin suit ownage and all her adept flirtation in "American Hustle," we already know that J.Law is completely believable as a temptress who can totally pull off a name like Dominika.

  4. District 12 was practically Siberia anyway.

    Katniss' home turf may have been based in Appalachia, but for all its amenities and the apparently f-f-f-freezing winter weather there, the landscape often looked like something you'd see in a post-Soviet village where hopping a fence to snare up some squirrel might legitimately be the best chance at dinner. Plus, those so-called "Peacekeepers" might as well be stamped with the letters KGB, right? (And one could draw a few parallels between The Capitol and Moscow.)

  5. She knows how to kick some serious booty.
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    In sooooo many different ways, too: hand-to-hand combat; sharp-shooting; and the power of persuasion, to name a few.

  6. When we think of a Russian spy whose job it is to seduce important people into spilling state secrets, we picture something leathery or red. And yep, we know she can SLAY in either of those -- or better yet, BOTH.

  7. She knows how to put away fear when necessary.
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    She can be tough as nails when the situation calls for it. And when we're talking about matters of international espionage, chances are, the situation is gonna call for it.