Spark Fire Dance

Watch These Two Dancers Twirl In Columns Of Fire Like It’s No Biggie

Don't try this at home.

As if born from the Mother of Dragons herself, Spark Fire Dance partners Dan Miethke and Stephanie Hoeggerl wave fire around with as much ease as you played with a Ribbon Dancer as a kid.

Miethke (the former fire coach for Cirque du Soleil) met Hoeggerl (a dancer who has been working with pyrotechnics since she was 16 years-old) in Shanghai seven years ago, and it was there that they formed a very fiery partnership.

Since their fated meeting, they've been performing all over the world, appearing at corporate events, on television and even have played with fire at a few (clearly awesome) weddings. They've even appeared on MTV's own Europe Music Awards, giving a ?hot? glow to Heidi Klum and adding a pyro-centric edge to a Taylor Swift performance.

See the pair performing in all their flaming glory below.