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7 Things You'll Find In Kylie Jenner's Brand New App

Today, right smack in the middle of New York Fashion Week, Kylie Jenner launched her highly-anticipated website. While the app is free to download, it costs $2.99 per month to see all of the stuff she's been teasing for months. Luckily, there is a free seven-day trial period and, well, I've familiarized myself with all it has to offer and can confirm it will be well worth $2.99. Seriously, there's a lot in here.

Here are seven things you can expect from the app:

  1. Help! My Face Is F--ed!
    Kylie App

    There is a beauty series co-hosted by Gigi Gorgeous—yesssss!!—in which Gigi fixes your beauty dilemmas. It also has the best beauty series name of all time—Kylie explains it originated on a night when she burned her friend's eyelashes off. Oh.

  2. Makeup tutorials
    Kylie App

    As we've been anticipating for a while, there are in-depth makeup tutorials. The first shows makeup artist Hrush Achemyan getting Kylie ready for her 18th birthday party. While we're still hoping for tutorials done by Kylie, this video reveals a ton.

  3. Behind-the-scenes videos
    Kylie App

    If you like peeking behind ~the curtain~, these BTS videos are for you. You get a better look at what it's like to be on set during a photo shoot and sneak peeks of what Kylie is working on.

  4. Looks for less
    Kylie App

    Kylie breaks down some of her recent outfits and how to get a similar look for yourself. While she may be wearing Balmain, she gives cheaper options for those of us who, um, can't.

  5. Shopping suggestions
    Kylie App

    If you've ever wondered what Kylie is obsessing over at this very moment, you're in luck. Even though we're only one day in, there are already three roundups of pieces Kylie's obsessed with—boots, chokers, backpacks—and options for where to get 'em for yourself.

  6. Style tips
    Kylie App

    Kylie doesn't just, y'know, tell you how to get her look—she actually shows you. First up? How to get her crazy cleavage.

  7. The word dope
    Kylie App

    I mean, it makes sense—the site has a lot of dope stuff!

For more from what to expect, peep her intro video above!