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These 11 Ladies (And Guys!) Are Already The Best New 'Ghostbusters’ Cosplayers

Who you gonna call?

The women-led "Ghostbusters" reboot isn't even done filming (if you're in New York City, you might even get to see the new Ecto-1 zooming through Times Square today!), but you wouldn't know that from the sheer amount of people who are already obsessed with it. Like, obsessed. And for good reason, too -- it's a beloved franchise that evokes a lot of childhood nostalgia, and not only are we getting more of it, but us ladies finally get to see ourselves as a concrete part of the team.

As a result, you can imagine that a lot of exceptional women and men have already started working on their new "Ghostbusters" costumes for when the movie comes out next year. And you would be right! Check out some of these supernatural elimination experts, many of whom come courtesy of director Paul Feig's Twitter account.

  1. This SaskExpo Cosplayer

    Digging the fingerless gloves!

  2. These "Ghostbusters" Documentarians
  3. This Singapore Cosplayer's Awesome Proton Pack
  4. This Guy Who Totally Gets It

    You make Chris Hemsworth proud, sir.

  5. This Other Guy Who's Rocking The Stripes
  6. This Other Amazing Proton Pack Carrier
  7. This Cosplayer Who's Got Kate McKinnon's Look Down
  8. This Team Of Badass Busters
  9. This Awesome Lady And Her Awesome Boots
  10. This Cosplayer's Rad Shades

    I would wear those every day if given the chance.

  11. This Totally Wonderful Child

    See, THIS is why it's important to see women as Ghostbusters -- because it's inspiring young girls everywhere. My heart, she can't take these emotions.