Bob Al-Greene / Mashable

An Artist Reimagined The 'Super Mario Bros.' As Hipsters And Their Mustaches Are On Point

Happy birthday, Mario!

He loves spaghetti, coin boxes and his Princess Peach -- and today, he turned 30! A happy birthday is in order for one of the most successful video game franchises of all time, "Super Mario Bros."

Since he just turned the big 3-0, Bob Al-Greene at Mashable thought he would give Mario and the rest of the Mushroom Kingdom crew a hipster makeover -- Why? Why not?

If you think about it, the "Super Mario Bros." were all already hip. Mario and Luigi, with their mustaches and overalls, could fit in any Brooklyn neighborhood. Bowser was a fan of statement leather and spiked accessories before anyone else, and we mustn't forget that the Mushroom Kingdom has plenty of exposed brick and kitschy design with the strange shrubbery choices and all those green pipes.

Al-Greene really brought out the "too cool for you to understand" vibe in Mario's little brother, Luigi, with his camo Toms, skinny jeans and cardigan. He really looks like he owns an ironic t-shirt shop called "The Bomb-Omb."

See the whole gang (including Peach and a human version of Bowser) over at Mashable.