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We Finally Know The Secret To Connie Britton's Beautiful Unicorn Mermaid Hair

You've got to get in on this beauty trend ASAP.

Connie Britton's hair is notoriously shiny and probably (read: definitely) smells really good and contains the innermost secrets of the universe. Hearing our cries for more details, she finally delivered with an amazing video telling us all about her number one, absolute must-have for every season. It's something that -- with daily use -- guarantees results, higher self-esteem and lasting change.

Here's why her hair is so healthy and shiny -- It's full of feminism!

With some majestic hair-flipping action, Britton lets us in on all the amazing side-effects of this beauty secret: from the sexy political stuff (like Title IX, the 19th Amendment and Roe v. Wade) to the personal (the power to avoid reading nasty misogynistic comment sections and share the word with others.)

Brought to us by the lovely folks at The Representation Project as part of their #AskHerMore campaign, Britton takes that eye-roll-inducing question she always gets (all about what's on her head) and uses it to show us all the infinitely more beautiful ideas in her head.

Warning: Side effects include dismantling of the patriarchy, a culture of mutual respect for all genders and dry mouth.