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37 5SOS Fan Drawings To Hold You Over Until The New Album’s Out

They're kinda hot, though.

5 Seconds Of Summer will release their second album, Sounds Good Feels Good, on Oct. 23 -- a whole 37 days from now. Yeah, it's rough. We're not particularly thrilled about the wait, even if we can occupy ourselves by letting 5SOS take over our Twitter accounts for the greater good of #TheNewBrokenScene.

But we happen to know the absolute best way to pass the time -- 5SOS fan art! In their recent Twitter Q&A, Michael and Ashton alluded to how they love fan drawings, especially the weird ones. Like this.

So, with 37 days to go until Sounds Good Feels Good drops, we've compiled 37 weird and wonderful pieces of 5SOS fan art to revel in. Enjoy.

  1. The Winker

    Oh, Luke.

  2. The CalMask

    Better or worse than the Kanye paper mask?

  3. The CalPal

    Here to save the day, or something.

  4. The HipCal

    We dig the designs.

  5. The Birds

    Just bein' rascals.

  6. The Puppies


  7. The Ghostbusters

    They've been slimed, so it's safe to assume they were busting ghosts, right?

  8. The Rocktoon

    Remember Rocktoons? This would've made one hell of a Rocktoon.

  9. The Squad, Seriously

    Major back-cover album art vibes here.

  10. The Turtles

    Michael as Michelangelo. Probably accurate.

  11. The Pastel Prince

    Bright and chipper!

  12. The Pixelated

    Positively mathematical.

  13. The Pixelated Pt. 2

    This one's a solo act.

  14. The Sad Boyz

    Cheer up, fellas!

  15. The Minions

    Just like Zayn's faves.

  16. The Pumped-For-The-New-Potential-Single

    "Jet Black Heart" is already turning fans into skeletons.

  17. The FEYEVE-SOS

    Get it?

  18. The Ashton Appreciation

    His rhythm is tight.

  19. The Cosmic Luke

    His shirt contains multitudes.

  20. The Quiet Michael

    Can we get this as an entire wall?

  21. The New Logo Option

    More choices couldn't hurt.

  22. The "More Ashton Plz"

    Very Sunday-morning comics-esque.

  23. The Classic

    Yeah. This one.

  24. The Notebook Sketch

    Into it.

  25. The Color Explosion

    My eyes!

  26. The DIY Christmas Ornament

    Just in time for the holidays...with months to spare.

  27. The Unfinished Masterpiece

    One day, my friend, you will be complete.

  28. The "OK, One More Ashton"

    Because obviously.

  29. The Band Tee
  30. They look glorious.
  31. The Chalkies

    Neighborhood heroes.

  32. The, Uh, Ghost-Things?


  33. The Old-School Doodle

    There's really nothing like flowery doodles.

  34. The Heaven-Sent Luke


  35. The Poke5SOS


  36. The "Let's Make The Most Of An 8.5-By-11 Page"


  37. The FEYEVE-SOS Pt. 2

    So good, there had to be two.

  38. The PIZZA

    Because PIZZA.

  39. The Explorers

    Ain't no stoppin' them now.