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Here's Every Reason Why One Direction's (Possibly) Last U.S. Tour Was Their Best

From pizza runs to stage falls, One Direction made this latest tour their best yet.

It's a sad day for U.S. Directioners. One Direction just completed the last stop of their On The Road Again Tour, and after their recent announcement that the group would take a long hiatus, this might just be their last U.S. tour...ever.

As reality starts to sink in for you, we've compiled some of the best, weirdest, funniest and sweetest moments of the (Zayn-less) tour to prove that this latest tour was their most fun yet.

  1. Harry took a couple of onstage tumbles, for nostalgia purposes of course.

    It wouldn't be a One Direction tour without a handful of falls from Harry Styles, and Harry delivered once again with tumbles in Toronto and San Diego over the course of a month!

  2. Harry, the Grammar Geek, made his debut.

    One Direction's onstage antics are as diverse as each member of the group, and during a recent show in Philadelphia, Harry took time out of singing and dancing and generally being awesome to correct the grammar on one fan's sign. Never doubt for one second that Harry doesn't see you!

  3. They treated their fans to a taste of the good life.

    The boys of One Direction spent a good amount of time in Chicago, and many of their local fans stood outside of their hotel room hoping to get a glimpse. Rather than leave them out in the cold, the group treated their dedicated fans to Giordano's, some of the best pizza in the city!

  4. They became the freshest princes of Philly.

    During their Philadelphia tour stop, the group sang their cover of "The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air" theme song. It was a match made in Philly heaven as Will, the main character from the show, was originally from Philadelphia.

  5. They maybe, finally acquired some sweet dance moves.

    One Direction is definitely not known for their dance skills, but the group is never afraid to at least make an attempt at busting out some moves. And while on tour, a young fan tried to teach them how to Whip and Nae Nae. Whether or not they were successful is still up for debate.

  6. Louis Tomlinson became a proud papa!

    No one was more shocked than us to learn that Louis Tomlinson was only months away from taking on his biggest challenge yet – father. The shocking and surreal news was announced just one week into their U.S. tour. Are you ready for Papa Louis?