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Jake Gyllenhaal Wrote An Adorable Complaint Letter To KFC As A Kid

The man loved him some Chicken Littles.

Jake Gyllenhaal's new film Demolition premiered at the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival on Friday night. We were there on the red carpet, proudly basking in the glory of his Gyllenbeard and peeping the other celebs as they made their grand entrances.


But as manly as his beard is, we can't forget there was once a time when Jake was just a kid, enjoying the pleasures of childhood like eating at KFC. Jake loved KFC, he told reporters. In fact, he dug their Chicken Littles -- slider-type mini-chicken sandwiches -- so much, and he was crushed when the restaurant discontinued them in the early 1990s.

So, Jake naturally did what any dissatisfied eatery patron would do: He wrote a complaint letter asking the company to bring them back. And 20 years later, he got his wish when the company did exactly that.

"I think I indirectly had something to do with that," he said at TIFF.


Well played, Jake. Well played.