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Watch This Teen Shred His Guitar To Kanye's Entire Discography

The teen played to Yeezy for more than six hours.

Wouldn’t you want to rock out next to Kanye West?

Since he couldn’t literally play in a band next to Yeezy, Jacob Brody, a teen from Chicago, did the next best thing: he played his guitar along to nearly every song in Yeezy’s discography.

"I learned most of these songs by ear and decided to record my interpretations,” Brody told Reverb. "The camera only let me record 15-25 minutes so each 15-25 minute take was done in one attempt. There are mistakes... I know. I switch guitars because some songs are in different tunings. Some songs change keys mid-song."

Despite any errors in the vid -- which clocks in at more than six hours -- Brody’s getting a lot of love for his work.

The impressive video features tracks from West's 2004 debut, The College Dropout, through his latest solo LP, 2013’s Yeezus, and even includes songs from his project with Jay Z, Watch The Throne.