Jennifer Lawrence Fills Her Dior Bags With Garbage, Basically

At this point, it's been well-established that Jennifer Lawrence is just like you and I, just way more famous and Oscar-winning. She loves pizza, she wears the same outfits on multiple occasions, etc., etc.

In the behind-the-scenes video for her latest Dior shoot, though, she reveals that when it comes to bags, she's more like us than we ever imagined.

While expertly showing off Dior's new "Be Dior" bag, JLaw explains how her IRL bags become receptacles for keys, gum wrappers, and old airline tickets. Um, same, Jen. Like, 100% SAME. Wanna hang maybe Y/N/M?


She goes on the explain that she uses small bags for dressing up and big bags for airport bags, which means all of the ones she's posing with here—which are tiny—will house keys. So many different keys.

You can find more from Jennifer's new campaign on Dior's website.