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We Definitely Didn't See Kendall Jenner's Latest Hairstyle Coming

The family that changes their hair together, stays together.

Given the sheer amount of style changes that the Kardashian-Jenner fam cycles through each month, I'm seriously beginning to wonder if they have chameleon DNA. Kendall Jenner, recently outed nerd, is only further proving that point by switching her hair game up yet again.

Since ditching her signature silky raven 'do for a shocking shade of blonde is, like, so last month, Kendall decided to take it one step further: going for a totally Kris Jenner-esque look in an Instagram shot courtesy of Vogue Brazil (and Kim Kardashian's well-trained selfie arm, obvz).

Chances are high that this is just a wig for the Vogue photoshoot, but it's still worth noting because Kendall is serving us major Kris Jenner vibes here. If you squint your eyes a little, Kim could totally be standing next to their mom and not Kendall, amirite?!

Either way, she's looking gorgeous as always, and I'm hereby starting a petition for Kris and Kendall to start wearing matching Mommy and Me outfits from here on out.