Here Is Every Stage Of New York Fashion Week FOMO As Told By 'The Hills' GIFs

Fashion is pain, guys.

Every February and September New York Fashion Week rolls around like (extremely stylish) clockwork, and with it comes not only the click-clacking of $2,000 heels on gum-covered concrete and armies of 9-foot tall models towering over Lincoln Center, but an intense feeling of pure, unadulterated FOMO.

Try as you might to ignore it, once Instagram posts from lucky friends of yours with coveted passes to exclusive runway shows start rolling in, you best believe FOMO will have you more miserable than North West in the front row. Before you weep into your Very Good For A Knockoff designer bag, take a few deep breaths, and allow me and the cast of "The Hills" to help you navigate through all this FOMO together.

  1. Tumblr

    You start seeing posts on your newsfeed about how New York Fashion Week is almost here, and at first you're just kinda like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

  2. MTV

    It's a bunch of clothes you'll never be able to afford and makeup you'll never be able to perfect no matter how many hours of Michelle Phan tutorials you watch. NBD.

  3. Tumblr

    Then again, those clothes. That makeup. Deep down, you have to admit it really is pretty exciting.

  4. Giphy

    Dang. It's actually SUPER exciting.

  5. MTV

    And just as you open Twitter to be all, "OMG Fashion Week!", you see a post from the cousin of your friend's friend who works in fashion. She's going to the biggest show of the year, and you're, like, totally happy for her!

  6. Tumblr

    That guy you went to college with? His internship is at a magazine, so he gets to go to the same show!!!! ISN'T THIS AMAZING?!

  7. Tumblr

    Okay, so maybe you're a little jealous...

  8. MTV

    ...but you're going to swallow your pride. Because you're an adult. And you aren't missing out on anything. Not just anyone can lay on their couch and binge Netflix all day like you can, you know? #luxelife

  9. MTV

    Then again, that couch isn't very comfortable.

  10. MTV

    And OH MY GOD is Shelly, the girl you used to lifeguard with who constantly smelled like soup, sitting behind Jennifer Lawrence at a show?! Plz be a lie, Instagram, PLZ BE A LIE.

  11. Tumblr

    Never mind. It's fine. You're fine. Everything is fine.

  12. MTV


  13. MTV

    Maybe you'll just delete Instagram? And Twitter? And Facebook?

  14. MTV

    Farewell, social media. Goodbye, cruel world.

  15. You know what? You'll just take a nap. You'll have a nice, a week-long nap and when you wake up NYFW will be over.

See? It wasn't so bad.