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Taylor Swift Might Join Her 'Bad Blood' Co-Star On This Major TV Show

Her Olivia Benson obsession is about to reach the pinnacle.

Taylor Swift's obsession with "Law & Order: SVU" is well documented.

Not only did she name her cute little kitten Olivia Benson after the show's long-running lead character, but she also recruited its star Mariska Hargitay for her "Bad Blood" music video and a coveted cameo spot on her 1989 World Tour.

And now, the show might be ready to return the favor and bring her in for a guest spot soon.

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Hargitay told ET Online that she and Swift have "talked about" bringing her in to help solve some crime and that they're planning to "wait until the end of the tour to see how it goes. But it's in the air."

If it happens -- which, well, now it just HAS to -- things'll be finalized in December, but in the meantime she's working on a back-up plan.

"The squad room needs to get a cat or I need to get a cat and name it Taylor," Hargitay joked to ET.

Mariska, who appeared as "Justice" in Swift's vid -- again, a wink to "SVU" -- said that the experience working with Swift on that was "wonderful and fun" and says that being a member of the Swiftie squad is "a good posse to jump into." OF COURSE IT IS.