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Uma Thurman, Actual Hero, Saved A Rhino

All the fist pumps for her brave rhino-saving mission.

You might think of Uma Thurman as the woman who boogey-woogeyed like nobody's business in "Pulp Fiction" and then slayed for two movies straight in the "Kill Bill" series, but in reality, she's an animal warrior who successfully saved a mother rhinoceros and her cub from the threat of poachers.

As reported by People, Thurman -- out of concern for the diminishing population of the species -- decided to take matters into her own hands and journey out to Africa to help a pair of rhinos reach a safe haven and avoid being poached for their valuable horns.

Thurman appears in Town & Country's newest issue and explained how affected she was by the experience of essentially rescuing the creatures from the threat of being hunted -- a trek which was not without danger to the humans involved, BTW.

"It's a spiritual, surreal experience, to have subdued, without stress, such a prehistoric animal," she told the mag. "To hear its deep breaths, to smell it, to touch its skin – even a rhino has soft bits. To see how delicate they really are, how vulnerable. There is the obvious excitement of it all, but also a quietness in the midst of all the panic."

To help the pair of rhinos in question, Thurman and a team of safari experts helped guide them from a game reserve into an area where they are less likely to be killed -- and she accepted the possibility of being under attack herself in the process. Kudos for her bravery!

Thurman said that the reason she got involved like this was because, like many of us who've felt the compulsion to act in the wake of the poaching crisis which reached the mainstream when Cecil the Lion was killed earlier this summer, she didn't want to sit idly by and let the devastation continue.

"I think so many of us feel that there is no point -- who are we? What can we do?" she explained. "There are so many dire situations, and it's all out of our control. And there is sort of truth to that ... But what I learned in Africa is that one must make an effort anyway. Because you just don't know. Until the story is concluded, there is always hope."

That odd feeling you're experiencing right now is your heart swelling to double its size. Way to go, Uma!