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This High School Student Was Written Up For Wearing A Tank Top...Underneath Her Jacket


The ongoing controversy surrounding high school dress codes just got a lot more outrageous -- and confusing. According to a report by WPTV in Florida, seventeen-year-old Tessa Wisloh was wearing a jacket over a tank top, along with jeans and sneakers, when she was asked to remove her jacket by a teacher. When she refused, saying the it was part of her outfit, the teacher told her she needed to see if her shirt underneath had sleeves or not to determine whether it was against the dress code. Since it didn't, Tessa was written up for the "offense."

Of course, there's nothing in the dress code that explicitly says what she was wearing was inappropriate. While the policy at Springstead High School says that spaghetti straps, muscle shirts, and tank tops are not allowed, and that all shirts must be long enough to be tucked in, it says nothing about wearing a sleeveless shirt under one that's long-sleeved. Probably because that doesn't make sense?

"Just go to uniforms if it's that distracting," Tessa told WPTV in Florida.

Cathy Dofka, the Director of Exceptional Student Education for the school, and who helped write the code of conduct, said that it's not against the rules for students to wear a sleeveless shirt underneath a cardigan or jacket as long as they don't remove it during the school day, so it may have just been Tessa's teacher who took an issue with her fashion choices. That said, this incident probably warrants a debriefing for the students and teachers on the dress code.