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Robert Pattinson Says 'Twilight' Fans Are Much More 'Relaxed' Now

Aw, RPattz says we've all grown up!

Fame is a funny thing. There are lotttsss of people who want it, few people who actually have it, and even fewer people who do have it in droves and never really wanted it in the first place. According to Robert Pattinson, he's one of those who had exactly zero interest in swimming in the metaphorical fishbowl that is celebrity, but so it is.

Seven years after he rose to super-stardom by way of his Edward Cullen-ness in "The Twilight Saga," though, things are finally starting to settle down for him. And he thinks it has a little something to with all of us learning to take a chill pill whenever he's around.

Pattinson spoke to Cosmopolitan Germany (via Robsessed) and recounted the exact moment he realized he was a someone -- by Hollywood standards.

"It was six months before the second 'Twilight' movie came out," he remembered. He'd been invited to an L.A. club and "the doorman just looked at me and said, 'It's OK, you can go in.' I was like 'What?' Up until then I never was let into clubs that easily."

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Entry perks or nah, RPattz still wasn't ever out to reach the international heartthrob status that he has.

"I never wanted to become famous," he told the mag. "I'm satisfied with small things. The more famous I became, the more I wanted to hide out. The hype was irritating to me."

The "climax" of Robsession, he explained, was when he was at a "New Moon" fan event in Munich in 2009 and "3000 fans were cheering when I was answering a question." Confirmed.

But a good bit of time has passed since then, and since "Twilight" fans aren't ageless vampires, Rob says we've all learned to turn the volume down just enough to make his life easier.

"It's much better now," said Pattinson. "The 'Twilight' fans got older and it's a lot more relaxed now."

But he still has one little protip for fans who see him out and about (probably in his dead giveaway beanie and sunglasses look): Fangless or not, he totally might be ready to bite your head off if you ask him for some selfie time.

"I don't like to draw attention to myself, but I can't walk around without being recognized," he said. "If people would say a quick 'hello,' it would be fine, but every second person wants to do a selfie. That means I always have to be in a good mood."