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9 Reasons Taylor Swift's 'Bad Blood' Squad Needs To Remake 'Super Bowl Shuffle'

They are the 'Bad Blood' crew, shufflin' on down, doin' it for you.

It's been over six months since the epic video for Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" was unleashed on the Internet, featuring the most terrifying assemblage of awesome ladies, ever. And then a few months later that same squad dropped a sequel on us, when a good portion of them hit up the VMAs looking like they had hopped out of a high school clique montage.

But how will they pull off a hat-trick? How will this gaggle of X chromosomes top one of the biggest music videos ever, and one of the most memorable Video Music Awards appearances ever?

Easy! When the NFL reveals who will be anchoring the 50th Super Bowl half-time on Thursday, they need to announce that T. Swift and the "Bad Blood" squad are doing a live remake of "The Super Bowl Shuffle." Here's why:

  1. OK, first, some background.
    Chicago Bears

    In 1985, the Chicago Bears recorded a hit rap single called "The Super Bowl Shuffle," to help pump fans up for the Big Game the next year. The video featured the team in uniform, literally shuffling back and forth as they sang the song. It's a great, classic video. Just like "Bad Blood!"

    Anyway, on to the reasons this is a great idea.

  2. "Bad Blood" could support a football team.

    "Super Bowl Shuffle" featured 24 members of the Bears playing instruments, "singing," and generally meandering in the background. "Bad Blood" had 22 cast-members... And 24 characters, if you include all three triplets Hailee Steinfeld played as The Trinity. Basically, they're ready to hit the field.

  3. "SBS" was recorded for Super Bowl XXIV... And Taylor was probably 24 when she recorded "Bad Blood!!!"
    Chicago Bears

    I mean, who knows, but she's 25 now. She probably recorded it last year or something.

  4. "Super Bowl Shuffle" came out in 1985. TaySway's latest album is 1989. You do the math.

    The '80s were an incredible time for creativity in the arts.

  5. Get ready to have your mind blown...
    Chicago Bears

    ...But Bears #31, the defensive back who was part of the "Shufflin'" Crew Chorus, was named... Ken Taylor. Kaboom. If that isn't enough, #33 on the saxophone was named Calvin Thomas, which sounds a lot like Calvin Harris, the dude who is currently dating Taylor. It's unconfirmed as of press time whether Ken Taylor and Calvin Thomas were dating, but we also didn't reach out to anyone for comment.

  6. There have been plenty of rumors about the Super Bowl 2016 Halftime show.
    Chris Graythen/Getty Images

    Can you imagine how nuts the crowd will get if she DID perform, and then broke out the whole "Bad Blood" crew for a spirited rendition of "Super Bowl Shuffle?" More nuts than a Planters factory, I'll tell you what!

  7. This guy loves sunglasses, just like Taylor Swift!
    Chicago Bears

    Why, I bet every member of the "Bad Blood" crew owns a pair! Every last one of them!

  8. There are many structural similarities between the two videos.

    Specifically, there's approximately 100 verses in "Super Bowl Shuffle," as every member of the team goes around and raps about how cool and unique they are. Similarly, the ad campaign for "Bad Blood" plugged how cool and unique each of the characters in the video were. "I'm the punky QB, known as McMahon. When I hit the turf, I've got no plan." Sounds like Karlie Kloss to me!

  9. Just tell me this dude isn't the spitting image of Selena Gomez.
    Chicago Bears

    Fun fact: Selena played cowbell on "Come & Get It." Just kidding.