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Rihanna Is Bringing Back 2000s Fashion -- Here's How To Prepare Yourself

Dust off your denim mini skirt before it's too late.

At this point, the return of fashion from the early 2000s is inevitable. And we have Rihanna to thank for that.

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As you may recall, Riri's been sporting plenty of the trends we all tried to put behind us, including velour tracksuits, denim mini skirts, cargo pants, headwraps, and so on. It's a list that could take possibly years to fully write out. In short: Rihanna is bringing back these trends whether you like it or not.

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It's not all bad, though. Trends are constantly recycled and phased out -- that's why they're trends. And while you may not be totally on board with it yet, hear us out.

MTV Style editor Gaby Wilson breaks down five ways that we can adopt Rihanna's favorite looks as of late, and TBH, it has us missing our Juicy Couture sweatpants a little bit.