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This High School's Cheerleaders Are Being Sent To Detention For Wearing Their Approved Uniforms

A new school year means another year of facing a sometimes unfair dress code. Though we're barely into the year, a school in New Mexico is already making headlines for its dress code policies.

Cheerleaders at La Cueva high school were told they were no longer allowed to wear their uniforms to school on game days because the length of the skirts fell above their fingertips and their tops were sleeveless (or in other words, were your average cheerleading uniforms).

Despite the controversy over wearing the uniforms to school, they're still allowed to wear them to perform in front of other students and teachers in pep rallies during the school day and at their games.

The girls aren't just sitting there and taking it, though. Some of the cheerleaders refused to change and were sent to detention until someone brought them a change of clothes. Keep on fighting the good fight, ladies.