Trust Us: 'Quantico' Will Be Your New TV Obsession

Priyanka Chopra's ABC drama will suck you right in.

You could say "Quantico" is like "How to Get Away with Murder" -- except instead of a prestigious law university, it's an FBI training ground. Or like "Grey's Anatomy" -- except instead of hospital interns, it's FBI trainees. And while those things are true, it's not a bad thing. Shonda Rhimes is the reigning queen of creating must-watch, can't-miss addictive television. If "Quantico" feels like a Shonda show, then that's certainly a compliment. The formula is a proven success.

Co-created by Joshua Safran ("Gossip Girl"), "Quantico" follows a group of young (and gorgeous) Federal Bureau of Investigation recruits, who are training at the FBI Training Academy in Quantico, Virginia. The impressive cast, lead by Indian actress Priyanka Chopra, can smolder with the best of them.

Though "Quantico" deals with some heavy stuff -- the pilot episode alone features suicide, domestic violence and a terrorist attack -- at its core, it's a heck of a lot of fun. "Quantico" delivers twist after twist, and like "HTGAWM," it plays around with timelines, jumping ahead months to establish the dark mystery of who among them will eventually commit the unthinkable: a deadly terrorist attack on New York City.

With so many twists and turns, there's no doubt "Quantico" will become appointment viewing this fall. Here are a few spoiler-free reasons you should tune in:

  1. Priyanka Chopra is magnetic as Alex Parish.

    In true Meredith Grey fashion, the first time we meet Alex she's hooking up with some mysterious hunk (Jake McLaughlin) she met on a plane, only to ditch him after their steamy tryst in the back of his truck and then realize later that he, too, is a Quantico recruit. THE DRAMA OF IT ALL.

    Alex is a little rough around the edges, and with more than a few skeletons in her closet, we're intrigued to see how she gets out of the mess she finds herself in during the pilot. For her part, Chopra -- in her first major onscreen role in the U.S. -- completely sells it. The 33-year-old Bollywood actress is already an international star, and "Quantico" is the perfect vehicle to bring her stateside.

    Oh, and did we mention Chopra has the most stunning face in existence? If you like to watch pretty people on TV, look no further than "Quantico."

  2. The supporting characters, and their chemistry, is solid.

    During the final minutes of the pilot, "Quantico" turns into a whodunit. Similar to "HTGAWM," it's up to Alex to find out which of her fellow recruits is responsible for the grisly attack on U.S. soil. Could it be Johanna Braddy as the icy rich girl one harboring a ton of emotional baggage? Or Tate Ellington as the nice, friendly guy who tbh, is the most dubious of the bunch? (There's no way someone could be that squeaky clean.) Or perhaps Yasmine Al Massri, the devout Muslim living a double life? And who could forget Graham Rogers as the handsome golden boy desperately trying to live up to his parents expectations. They're all equally suspicious... and good looking, of course.

  3. Twists, turns and hookups, oh my!

    "Quantico" is the kind of show that drops a bomb every seven minutes. When you think it's going to zig, it zags -- and that's just the way we like our drama. One twist in particular will have your jaw on the floor. Trust us: it's that good. The twists and turns, combined with the steamy hookups that are bound to happen at FBI camp, are what makes "Quantico" such a fun, soapy ride from start to finish. In other words, clear your Sunday nights.