'Scream': Alison Brie Proves She's The Ultimate Fan


Just because you're part of a franchise doesn't mean you can't be a fan of the franchise as well.

Case in point: Alison Brie.

The "Sleeping With Other People" star may have gotten brutally murdered by Ghostface in "Scream 4" (uh, spoiler), but she was a fan long before that.

"I'm a fan of anything 'Scream'," she told MTV News. "I loved the 'Scream' franchise as a kid. I had 'Scream' memorized, I probably did have the first movie memorized."

She was such a big fan, in fact, that she and her high school friends once made "a shot-for-shot remake called 'Yell.'"

"It wasn't great," Brie admitted.

And, yes, she's still keeping up with the franchise, including MTV's new TV show. But if you happen to run into Brie, don't discuss the finale with her. There's a strict no-spoilers statute in place.

"I've been traveling," she warned. "Do not spoil it for me."

"Sleeping With Other People" hits limited theaters September 11.