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The Rock Just Saved His Puppy Again And We Can't Stop Swooning

No one loves puppies like The Rock loves puppies.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is a busy man. Between starring in every movie ever (seriously!), posting epic gym selfies and saving puppies from drowning like an IRL superhero, the man barely has time to sleep -- but when his cute lil' pups need some TLC, he's more than willing to sacrifice a few hours of shut-eye.

On Tuesday, Johnson's French Bulldog puppy Brutus -- yes, the little "brick" who nearly drowned in the actor's pool over Labor Day weekend -- was feeling a bit under the weather. According to the actor, the pup had "that awesome 'north/south' action coming out of both ends of his body." Too much chlorine, perhaps?

So, the actor did what any loving dad would do and took his bb to the vet in the middle of the night. Awww.

"First I save this lil' zombie Brutus' life from drowning in the pool, now he decides to get all sick on me," Johnson captioned his adorable puppy pic on Insta. At least Brutus knows how to werk a selfie!

"Thank you to the animal Dr's and nurses at St. Francis Emergency Animal Hospital for taking care of our gremlin," he added. "He'll be back in no time wrestling and biting the shit outta my hands and happily peeing on my Jordan's."

We're not taking sides or anything, but we're totally #TeamHOBBS -- if only because his name is perfect. That, and the fact that bb Brutus needs to get his s--t together, literally.

Feel better, little pup!