Tell Trolls To F-ck Off With This Feminist Guide To Cybersecurity

These DIY tools can make you troll-proof.

Pretty much every woman who's ever visited the internet knows that being even remotely opinionated online can yield some pretty scary -- and even downright dangerous-- responses from a wide variety of trolls and harassers. Thankfully, one group of activists is working to help empower feminists to protect themselves online.

"You have a right to be exist safely in digital spaces," the SafeHub Collective, which is based out of Boston, states in the introduction to their extensive DIY Guide To Feminist Cybersecurity. That's a pretty basic idea, but it has the power to be revolutionary.


After the horror-show that was gamergate brought the constant barrage of online harassment faced by women (and especially feminists) into the national spotlight, people have put lots of admirable effort into asking companies like Twitter, Reddit and Facebook to make their digital spaces safer for women.

Some important changes have been made, but unfortunately, there's still a long (long) way to go, and we can't fully rely on the digital spaces we inhabit to protect us from all of the very real-life threats and harassment that can originate online.

SafeHub's guide offers in-depth instructions on a wide range of ways to keep yourself safe from trolls -- from encrypting your data, to being smart about your smartphone, to becoming truly invisible while browsing and hiding the details of your private life from potential trolls on social media.

The guide is broken down into digestible bits, but it's also very comprehensive -- if the full guide feels overwhelming, hit up their cheat sheet for some quick and dirty tips on basic security measures you can put into place and focus on the areas that feel the most critical and do-able for you. Then go continue to be your fearless, bad-ass feminist self.