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Laura Jane Grace Gives Us A Taste Of '23 Live Sex Acts' And Praises Miley

The Against Me! frontwoman talks music and Miley.

On Tuesday, Laura Jane Grace of Against Me! stopped by MTV News to talk about the band's new album, "23 Live Sex Acts," which dropped September 4. It's a delicious taste of their live, awesome energy (which this reporter was lucky enough to experience once IRL), and features all your faves, including "I Was a Teenage Anarchist," "True Trans Soul Rebel" and "Thrash Unreal."

"Moments when you're on stage and you're hearing a crowd yell back the lyrics to a song like 'True Trans Soul Rebel,' like the line 'does god bless your transsexual heart'? I mean [that] can't be anything but surreal," she said about how it feels to watch an audience sing along to her most heartfelt thoughts. "And the 15-year-old me still lives inside of this body and still sees the world, you know, and realizes moments like that. And oftentimes really, the audience is half the show, if not more."

"So like when they're responding, and they're singing along, I mean, there's just no high like it," Grace added.

Speaking of, um, "highs," Miley Cyrus and Grace had collaborated earlier this year as a part of the Happy Hippie Foundation's Backyard Sessions, performing "True Trans Soul Rebel" and the Replacements' "Androgynous" with rock legend Joan Jett.

So how'd the two find each other? "I think in a couple roundabout ways is how the Miley Cyrus thing happened," Grace said. "I know that Atom, who's my drummer, is friends with her drummer, Stacy, and there was that connection there. But then I'm friends with Joan, and I think when Joan was getting together with Miley and talking about doing this, she was like 'why don't we invite Laura?'"

Grace also praised Miley for her commitment to uplifting LGBT youth

"I think it's commendable that Miley's using her platform to raise awareness around LGBT issues," she said. "When I was hanging out with her, she gave me this little... stapled and put together photocopied pamphlet thing that was basically a 'zine that she did that kind of laid out the mission statement of the Happy Hippie Foundation. It was really pretty concise, like that these are the goals... this is how we'll plan on doing it."

"Using your celebrity for something that's real like that is a good thing," Grace added.