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Taylor Swift And Kim Kardashian Are Basically Duking It Out On Instagram Right Now

There can only be one queen... and this race is getting CLOSE.

Baby, there’s some bad blood going down on Instagram right now.

Remember how we told you a mere two weeks ago that self-appointed Selfie Queen of Our Hearts, Kim Kardashian, had usurped the mighty Beyoncé as the one true leader of Instagram? Kim edged out Bey by about a million followers, and we all but assumed that her reign would long drag on.

But now, “everything has changed” — Kim’s watch over the throne was surprisingly short, thanks to one Taylor Swift. The celeb BFF of the masses has now passed Kim as the most followed person on Instagram, boasting a whopping 45.5 million followers. And to think… it was just a week ago when we were watching these Insta rivals act all chummy at the VMAs.

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However, it should be noted that Tay edged out Kim only slightly — the “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star is trailing behind with 45.4 million followers, so this is a race that could very easily see-saw back and forth between them.

For now, though, it’s pretty clear why Taylor is so worthy of the Insta crown. Kim may have that whole sexy selfie thing down to a science, but Taylor’s last few pics prove she’s super versatile and relatable. Between modeling an ahh-mazing sweater that a fan knitted her, to making us all go gaga over her aggressively adorable cat, we’re thinking Taylor’s account may have more longevity, even without the extra cleavage.

That being said, Kim DOES have a baby boy on the way, and the only thing cuter than showing off your #squad is showing off newborn baby pics. Or, hey, maybe Beyoncé will pull an upset and swoop in from the third-place spot to knock Kim and Tay off their pedestals. Surely another album or baby announcement would do the trick… whatya say, Bey?!