This Is What The 'Faking It' Crew Would Look Like If Movember Came Early

And, you know, if girls could grow mustaches.

Thanks to some overzealous gluing, Monday night's "Faking It" channeled "Pirates of the Caribbean" and gave the show its very own hipster-pirate in the process.

Some background on the funny situation: With the help of Shane and Amy, conservative queen-bee Lauren devised a revenge scheme to slip into ex-boyfriend Theo's new school and out him as an undercover cop. It required a little undercover work of her own: She and Shane slipped into simple cheerleader outfits, but since athletics haven't exactly been Amy's forte, L decided that A should get into full drag as the school's pirate mascot -- mustache and all. How sweet of her!

Unfortunately, though, Amy's heavy hand with the spirit gum left her with pirate mouth for the rest of the evening. NAGL.

But what would it look like if the entire Hester High crew participated in a Jack Sparrow-inspired Movember? In honor of the episode, we let our imaginations run wild and created the following visual treats:

  1. Karma looks like Gomez Addams.
  2. Theo actually looks great! Consider a full-time mustache, Theo?
  3. Lauren's mustache doesn't really match her coloring. Hard to improve on perfection!
  4. Feels like we're getting a glimpse of future Shane.
  5. Liam looks like he's pulling a mustachioed Blue Steel.
  6. Reagan looks like a she's ready to work in an old western saloon.

Let us know who you think wore it best in the comments, and be sure to see how Amy's top lip is fairing on the next "Faking It", Monday at 9:30/8:30c.