9 Ways You And Your Roommate Are Exactly Like Timon And Pumbaa

Hakuna Matata, as they say.

Disney movies are full of a lot of heartwarming couples and star crossed romances, but when it comes right down to it, there's no Disney trope more inspiring than that of best bros stickin' together.

Take "The Lion King," for example -- sure, Simba and Nala get together to make beautiful lion babies at the end of the movie, but it's the partnership of his friends Timon and Pumbaa that really captures our imagination. Probably because, unlike all the other Disney movies that only focus on the prince and the princess, we actually get a chance to see what Timon and Pumbaa are like living together.

Think you have the same problem-free philosophy as your IRL roommate? Then we bet you see a lot of yourselves in Timon and Pumbaa's hilarious antics.

  1. You know just how to get dressed for a night out.

    Grass skirts are totally in right now!

  2. You're totally cool with one another's farts.

    You can't even hide them from one another in a crowded room at this point, because you know exactly what your roomie's farts smell like.

  3. You cry over the same movies.

    Also, they're mostly Disney movies. Big surprise.

  4. You know each other's Seamless order by heart.

    Bugs. It's always bugs.

  5. You know just the right way to talk one another down from stress-induced panic.

    It's gonna be okay.

  6. You can always predict when you're going to need to hold your roomie back in a fight.

    And vice versa, of course.

  7. You've forgotten how to connect to people who aren't your roommate.

    Who needs other people when you've got a fridge full of wine and a Netflix queue full of "Friday Night Lights" to share?

  8. In fact, you basically consider yourselves a single entity now.

    You know how some people in relationships use "we" as default? Do you do that? Of course you do.

  9. But that's okay, because you're gonna be roomies for life.
    Even if you move out, you never forget your roomies.