Barely Productions / YouTube

A Hilarious Clip Explores What 'Sesame Street' Will Be Like Now That It’s On HBO

Grover now stars on 'Game of Thrones.'

Now that "Sesame Street" will air on HBO, will the muppets change from their happy-go-lucky selves to the deviously serious characters you've seen on "Game of Thrones" and "The Sopranos?"

YouTube channel Barely Productions thinks so. They've just created a sketch showing how HBO will put Oscar the Grouch, Cookie Monster and others to work now that they're on the premium channel's payroll.

"How can I sing when everything I've ever known is a lie? The sequence of imaginary incidents adding up to absolute zero..." Bert says, doing his best incoherent McConaughey impression in a puppet reimagining of "True Detective." Ernie tries to cheer Bert up with a joke, but Bert replies "We're all God's joke." Wow, what a bummer.

Watch the funny parody, featuring muppets starring in "Girls," "True Blood" and more, below.