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The 21 Most Ridiculous Cosplays You'd Only See At Dragon Con

There's a reason it's known as "Nerd Mardi Gras."

Every con has their own weird quirks and attractions. San Diego Comic-Con, for example, is where all the big celebrities and stars go to promote their new movies; New York Comic Con always has awesome panels and events for "The Walking Dead" fans; and Emerald City ComiCon is known for being super progressive.

But Dragon Con, the annual fan-led event that's taken over Atlanta, Georgia every year since 1987, is a class unto its own -- especially when it comes to the cosplay. This past weekend, things got super weird in the best was possible at the Atlanta Marriott Hotel. Here are some of the most insane costumes to come out of this year's convention.

  1. Jimmy Buffet -- Um, Buffets? -- From "Jurassic World"

    This better become a yearly tradition.

  2. The Squirtle Gang
  3. Lolita Gastly, Gengar And Haunter


  4. Immortan Joe Trump

    Valhalla is totally covered in gold-plated marble columns.

  5. The "Aliens" guy
  6. The Carpet At The Atlanta Marriott

    This is how bonkers a place DragonCon is -- even the (now former, sob!) carpet at the hotel is used as fodder for cosplay.

  7. Doctor Carter

    Remember how Hayley Atwell joked that she'd love to play the Doctor in "Doctor Who?" This cosplayer sure did.

  8. Sailor Moon Playboy Bunnies
  9. "Mean Girls"

    Ever seen two sets of "Mean Girls" at one convention before? Us neither.

  10. Sexy Sax Alien

    Featuring a (hopefully not dead) Sexy Sax Man Sergio Flores!

  11. Iron MerMan
  12. Steven Universes

    An entire Universe-full, even.

  13. Calvin And Hobbes
  14. Olenna Tyrell


  15. Sailor Harley And Tuxedo Joker
  16. Beauty And The Wookiee
  17. Xena And Gabrielle


  18. Katniss Everdeen, The Girl On Fire

    Do they sell this dress somewhere because I NEED IT.

  19. Gusteau From "Ratatouille"
  20. Rick and Morty
  21. And Finally, Adidas Stormtrooper