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This Twitter Account Isolates Vocal Tracks From All Your Favorite Popular Songs -- Listen

And it's about to have a gazillion followers faster than you can say 'a cappella.'

Today in essential service journalism, we bring you: Twitter account @isolatedvocals, which pulls the vocal tracks from popular songs based on user requests. The account has already posted requested vocal tracks from One Direction, Imagine Dragons, Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance and more.

As of yesterday, the account was already so popular that the administrator issued a PSA, saying, in part, "...I am working on requests, but please be patient as not only do I have a lot of them but isolating vocals is a long process."

So once you get your requests in, prepare to be patient. It certainly helps that you can tide yourself over by scrolling through the @isolatedvocals feed and playing a few of the many, many hits within.