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What Do You Do When No One Shows Up To Your Party? Instagram Every Awesome Thing You Do.

How to experience #ChicagoForOne.

What could be sadder than a kid's birthday party where none of his friends show up? He sits in front of a cake at his dining room table, a crooked, brightly-colored "Happy Birthday" banner tacked on the wall behind him. There's no one there to sing to him. With his party hat slightly askew, he blows out his candles. Alone. He wishes to never feel this lonely again.

Fast forward 20 years to a bachelor party in Chicago. Robbie Chernow, who flew to the Windy City for his friend's final hurrah, became the adult equivalent of the sad little birthday boy when he had to embark on the bachelor party alone.

"The original plan was for me to get here a few hours earlier, but when I got here I found out that the two other flights with the bachelor and others in the party had both been canceled," Chernow told the Huffington Post.

But Chernow used the power of Instagram and #ChicagoForOne to turn his solo soiree into a social media party. His pics are sad and hilarious and pretty brilliant. Way to make the best of a sad situation, Robbie.

No one wanted to sit by him at a Bears game...

...or at lunch...

...or, perhaps saddest of all, on the bumper cars.

No one should be alone on bumper cars. Cheer up, Robbie. The Internet loves you.