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We Found The Best U.S.A. Swag At Made In America Festival

From bra tops to comfy pants, America was well represented.

PHILADELPHIA -- On a day when Beyonce slayed the main stage, Nicki Minaj surprised fans during Meek Mill's set and Nick Jonas made everyone "Jealous," Budweiser's Made In America was not holding back. Thousands of people got super patriotic at the Philadelphia festival on Saturday, Sept. 5, taking the American theme quite literally.

From bra tops to makeshift headbands to comfy pants, we spotted American flags all over the Philly grounds. Here the some of the coolest American flag swag we saw at Made In America Festival this weekend:

  1. Shirt, kerchief, flag -- Jacob Burr had it all.
  2. Jaiden, a Kappa Delta at Villanova, repped her school and her country.
  3. Annika Kruse had the comfiest pants in the world. Want.
  4. Celina Rogers and Chelsea Wilson really embraced their stars and stripes.
  5. Allie Baranov, Jordyn Cohen and Jess Dratch had the red, white and blue AND the star headband.
  6. Westpoint seniors Brandon Hardman, Jarrod Odom and Andrew Ortega were twinning with their American shorts.
  7. Sisters Keyona and Vanessa Shepherd were sooo ready for Beyonce.
  8. Dude, suspenders? Lucia DeNicola killed it.
  9. Madeline's scarf may have been understated, but the details are everything.
  10. Megan Hart was dressed head to toe with U.S.A. pride. That's dedication.
  11. Still trying to get over this crocheted top...
  12. Can't really top Rih Rih on your shirt, can you? Ryan Kabick, Kristin Hart, Brandon Castner and Alex Jimenez had a red, white and blue friendship.
  13. When in doubt, just tie a flag around your head, and you've got an even cuter outfit, just like Trina Rahman and Cassie Perez.
    Emilee Lindner / MTV

This wraps up Budweiser’s summer music program, which has included some monumental (literally) concerts at the Statue of Liberty and under the Golden Gate Bridge.