Gisela Schober/German Select

The 16 Most Fearlessly Badass Beards From #WorldBeardDay

Because beards are here to stay, OK?

If you ever spend any time on the Internet, you'll learn quickly that every day is National Something Day. You can even see a lot of these unofficial holidays all compiled here on their own Wikipedia page, because that's where we're at now. What you won't find on that page (unfairly) is that the first Saturday in September is World Beard Day, which folks across the web celebrated yesterday by posting, sharing and hashtagging the heck out of their burly facial hair -- and the art it inspires.

We sifted through the veritable cornucopia of face follicles the hashtag #WorldBeardDay captures and grabbed the best ones, rounded up below for your enjoyment. Whether you're a beard-lover or a an aspiring participants (keep trying, you'll get there someday -- and hopefully so will I), consider this list the ultimate document of beard-ery in 2015. Dig in.

  1. The historical.

    Proof that beards are timeless.

  2. The (famously) showboaty.

    That hat-tip though.

  3. The dripping-with-wisdom.

    Uncle Ben would be proud.

  4. The not-technically-celebrating-today-but-celebrating-every-day.

    Oh, Zayn.

  5. The grooming-assist.

    "One day, son, all this will be yours."

  6. The creative.

    Math + beard care = success.

  7. The artistic.

    A field of bearded dreams.

  8. The spiky.

    Multi-directional, multi-enjoyable.

  9. The pooch-friendly.

    Beards are for dogs, too. Duh.

  10. The record holder.

    Longest beard in the U.K.!

  11. The highly inspired.

    They're from the Met, so you KNOW they're good.

  12. The dramatic.

    He still has nothin' on dramatic chipmunk.

  13. The flowery.

    Decor is important.

  14. The regal.

    "Felt like drawing a moustache on my face to celebrate."

  15. The Myspace.

    In a dressing room because beards go everywhere with you.

  16. The Kimbo.

    Because this dude operates on a whole. 'nother. level.