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13 Tweets That Prove Why Skylar Spence Is The One True Prom King

He's got our vote. Most definitely.

So what if prom season is technically in the spring? Long Island nu-disco crew Skylar Spence have a new album called Prom King due out September 18, so we figured it was only appropriate to start thinking about dances. You know, like high-school dances -- for which Prom King would be the ultimate soundtrack. Take a listen to lead single "Can't You See" and you'll know immediately what we mean.

I mean, COME ON. Imagine getting down to that in a crowded, hot gymnasium (or local banquet hall, depending on your school's budget).

The musical force behind Skylar Spence (the project formerly called Saint Pepsi -- name changed for obvious reasons) is Ryan DeRobertis, and in keeping with his new album title, he'll often tweet out words of wisdom that would be right at home in an acceptance speech/prom-king crowning ceremony. We've rounded up the 13 best bits below, for your daily inspiration.

  1. He's a champion of important romance questions.

    Mixtapes are sooo freshman year. Diss tracks are where it's at to show your BF/GF your real love.

  2. He understand the plight of the modern high-schooler better than most.

    Any Drake appearances, perchance?

  3. He knows how to spend weekend evenings.

    #AudioEditingSoftwareAndChill is the new #NetflixAndChill. (Seriously, "Netflix & Chill" is apparently the name of a new album in the works, too, which is amazing.)

  4. He's a stellar big bro.

    Always looking out for his fam.

  5. He supports important legislation.

    Today Prom King, tomorrow Student Body President?

  6. He's a not-so-secret philosopher.

    This one still makes more sense than some of Donald Trump's viewpoints.

  7. He's a realist.

    Pretty much the way I get through life.

  8. He never forgets the little people.

    Better order a bunch.

  9. His pop culture game is on point.

    The most apt metaphor I've ever heard -- which would make "Global Guts" the entire universe.

  10. He's a romantic at heart.

    Honestly, same.

  11. He's a real American.

    I have such a love-hate with this concept, tbh.

  12. He was once just a high-schooler senior like you.

    +100 points for the bow tie.

  13. His acceptance speech is already good to go.

    Now there's some grade-A oration if I've ever heard it.